Work with others who have the same passion as you do to create

Take your passion and love for God and spread it to others as you are taken away to new countries as a missionary. Help build schools and homes for others in new countries to be explored with others who want to help. You’ll be given a chance to choose where you want to start your mission and develop as a devoted follower to spread the good word of God and all that he has to offer.

At Humana Travel, we make things easy for all missionary travelers with our easy and hassle free travel set ups that will make any trip easy to get you there as quickly as possible.

Our mission trips change how you see the world giving you a brand new perspective of our beautiful earth and create relationships with other missionary’s that will last a life time. Work with others who have the same passion as you do to create, build and teach while also expressing your love of God as a family of missionary’s.

With each trip you take, your mind will be opened to new ways to help communities with teaching lessons, building churches, homes, and schools. Laugh and learn with the natives as you discover happiness through your trip and discover who you are as a devoted follower.

Without missionary’s, we cannot help those who are less fortunate. Become someone who can change a life in another country. Contact us today if you are interested in helping others by spreading the world with positivity and God.